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rent-a-websiteFast Marketing, brings you unlimited website rentals, to the market place to help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, all walks-of-life, all niches to aid in the steep, steep, learning curve of the Internet. The Internet today is such a large, vast, enormous entity that it has actually become more difficult than ever to get goods and or services to the market place. In fact, with the many pitfalls there are alone in marketing online, 80% of most digital marketing efforts, fail at actually ever creating a good return-on-investment ratio (ROI)! This is a disaster for many people, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Common Misconceptions You Need To Know

There’s a huge misconception with the web and many people think that it’s easy to generate money. In some instances, you have the overnight successes, you have the YouTube Stars, Instagram Models, and you have the One-Hit-Wonders; however, for those of us that are in niche markets you have do more today in order to get the sale. You have to do “real marketing” or marketing itself to get sale, to get consumer trust, to get customer loyalty. You’ll essentially need to build a BRAND. Without brand affinity, just trying to build a site, market it, and expect to see a 2:1, 3:1, or just break even and have a 1:1; the chances are slim.

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e-Commerce Fast Facts

  • Aged Domains
  • Brand Affinity
  • Finely Tuned Stable SEO
  • Increased Search Engine Visibility
  • No Spam, No Bad Violations, Machine Learning Friendly

Now you might be wondering why are these bullets import? Today, it is harder than ever to compete in the Internet Market space because things have just changed so much in the last 15 years. The dogma that you just go to the Internet and make money is sorta true, but now you have to do more! You have many pitfalls, many experts saying what to do, but in-the-end, there’s a high chance that you’ll ruin your initial investment and demotivate yourself from going the distance. That’s what we’ve done over at Fast Marketing, we’ve done the heavy lifting and grown what you need to get STARTED MAKING MONEY, GETTING CALLS, MAKING SALES!


Local Fast Facts

  • Aged Domain
  • Rebuilt Domains
  • Great Conversions
  • Ready For Google Maps & Reviews
  • Super Increased Search Engine Visibility

Local is different and for a lot reasons. Actually if you’re self-employed or
thinking of becoming self-employed, where you can own your own job; then take
a look here and see if we have serviced your area already! Many of the site’s
you’ll find here are already existing businesses that had really bad seo done.
We’ve taken the time and organically grown a new site that you can start enjoying
leads, calls, and or appointments to help you grow your clientele. If you don’t
see your site here or business, you can call our 800 line and inquire on us repairing
or breaking out a new site for you. Call us today for a FREE Consult!

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Why Rent Websites, Instead?

Renting websites is a better idea because of the subject of conversion driven marketing  and building a brand, which are very complicated and deep subjects; concepts you’ll learn about for FREE on our website. Essentially will need a plethora of websites in order to dominate search and marketing visibility to start building the consumer trust and win the war against your competition. That’s why we we’re hedging the value for you well, well in advanced. For the most part, we were thinking of our consumer years before they knew they wanted to go to the World Wide Web to generate an income, generate a business, create a job for themselves and eventually others. Fast Marketing, gives you the scale you need and create economies of scale that make sense and give you real and immediate VALUE. Renting with us is very low cost and did we mention UNLIMITED WEBSITES? That’s right, now you can choose a niche and if you’re a member of the website you can tackled as many of the sites as possible that are available. Our memberships start as low as $199.00 per month and these are sites that already rank in the top search engines across the planet. You’d be live and hot, ready to calls, receive emails, and fulfill orders.