marketing-personasWhat Is a Buying Persona?

Simple enough a buying persona is a profile on a target audience member. As a member we mean a stakeholder in the market place. Stakeholders are very important to your brand it’s important to profile the users in order to ensure that you are able to establish a repore and life-time customer loyalty. Without a good buying persona, you’re business will the same as many that fail to differentiate their markets or create segments based on their own beliefs and ultimately fail. Pretty scare reality right?

Building The Right Marketing Message

In order to ensure that you’ll have a successful launch and or continued brand expansion, you have to make sure you have the right audience. Now this is easier said than done, because you have play a detective role. Essentially it’s really difficulty to find your customers and there are many customer biases, especially among sudden entrepreneurs. This is a deadly combo, because what will happen is that you won’t convert well and this lead to poor sales, poor performance, and poor revenue. What we’ll do here is explain how you can setup your template, how to conduct your own research, and how to craft your marketing message.