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marketingSo What Is Marketing Really?

Marketing is the process of engaging people in the most precise method using an array of techniques that include knowing your customer, creating marketing messages, building marketing segmentation, and making emotional connections with users.  You can tell that this is our definition, as there are many, many,  many different  definitions out there and each with their own spin. But marketing breaks down into those four facets. Each step or sector we just previously mentioned is very deep in their theory and execution. We intend to break down each of these topics for vast audience of business owners, self-employed, and entrepreneurs looking to crack-the-code in marketing strategy, demystify, and conquer to reach the pinnacle of their dreams and lives. But there’s one thing you should know, Marketing Is About Understanding People and Being at The Right Place at The Right Time! So many people, even marketers, lose site of this and turn into advertisers.

Marketing Is Tough Work, Not Get Rich Quick Scheme

As mentioned several times in our entrepreneur section, in blogs, and across the website, the road for an entrepreneur is a tough one for most people, because it requires you to have to study, read, learn, understand case studies in order to gain the macro-vision you need to evolve your business, your ideas, and or your method of execution. In the end, the most successful marketers, small businesses, organizations, corporations, self-employed, and or entrepreneur need to be able to keep pace and so expect this section to take up most of your time. However, we truly do promise to work hard with our UX/UI and build navigation that will let you drill-down as hard you need and get to the data that is most valuable to you now and work your back to high-level. We understand the struggle of trying to solve the many many problems in business and failure ring. Hang with us as we build up this marketing section!

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504, 2017

What Is Marketing? How Do You Define It?

April 5th, 2017|0 Comments

It's Not What You Think, Marketing Is Scientific Marketing by definition, is, "The management process responsible for identifying and satisfying customer requirements profitably.". Maybe this is not what you wanted to here. Instead you're hoping it be about the craze of Social Media and the instant advertising bubble? Marketing today is very convoluted, more than the past 65 years. But yet, our journey to learn advertising has take us to vetting of information and shortcuts by learning [...]

Digital Marketing Pitfall Warning

SEO, PPC, SMO Just The Beginning, Don’t Put All Your Chips Here, Think You’ll Make Big Bucks

Learning Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO

The area today of marketing that really draws people in is the Digital Marketing sector. A vast sector of marketing, fast changing, and hard to execute properly,  Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing. However, this is not a section that will break this down, this is more a perspective. We want to state here and now that Digital Marketing is cumbersome, it’s complicated, and most fail with it due to the size of the subject and industry dogma. Meaning there are some many opinions, con-artist, that people (most ambitious entrepreneurs) get capped quick in their marketing budgets and tumble out-of-business.

This is a tragedy and we are dedicated to making sure that we can expand the awareness of how to perform digital marketing and the value in it lies. Furthermore, you should approach Digital Marketing in the are of SEO (search engine optimization) as soon as possible and only because you have to age your network and hub. There are no short-cuts here, age is till the fundamental filter used to keep Google’s, Yahoo’s, Yandex, Duck Duck Duck Go reliable and with no spam. Outside of SEO, you need to be able to build a marketing strategy using SEO as Brand Visibility tactic along side SEM (search engine marketing)  where you can start the process of Brand Visibility immediately as where the SEO takes a little time to build and to be 90% visible for short-tail-keyword. However, you’ll learn deeper in the Digital Marketing section as to why you can’t have one without the other and much more.

Word of Warning About SEO, SEM, SMO

There’s nothing wrong with using Digital Marketing as a strategy to help build your business, however, you need to know what the overall goal of it is. Most people just get hung up on an article, someone’s get rich scheme, or thrill to riches and this is the worst way to jump in. Essentially, you have to do more today to get the return-on-investment from your spend and start churning in on a one-to-one in return on ad spend. In fact, most entrepreneurs and self-employed don’t have many of the skills they need to succeed in business really, but especially apparent in marketing area. No matter how good the overall Internet Marketing sector maybe as a growth hacking method, you have to make sure that your spend matches some sort of roi and within the ratios of a 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and so on. It’s very rare to get a 4:1 ration on your marketing budgets. That is for every $1.00 you spend, you get $4.00 in return for sales made.

SEO Can Help You Get Past a 1:1 In Your Marketing Budget, However, It Can Take Time

You can get to a very good profitable state with your search engine marketing and search engine optimization efforts, it’s just takes a while. In fact, with the start of Google being a Machine Learning first organization, it is harder now to just jump into the search engine game and have an immediate impact. This is especially true is your content marketing is no good, spammy, or the failure to tie in with a key buying persona, bad overall marketing message, and poor market segmentation. These are key areas in marketing that we’ll dive into and tie into Digital Marketing. This is important, because marketing cost and results can skew quickly without a goal, without reason, without a real