Google Failing To Protect Advertisers

In the new just a few days ago, March 24, 2017, big advertising news is hitting the Internet Giant Google in a big, big way! Big retailers and Big advertisers are now scrambling to figure out how to align their marketing messages with their target audience as safely and socially responsible as possible. In this article, we’re going to illustrate how an unexpected social-economical power came to destabilize big advertising and how they were exposed by entrusting Google’s Ad Network as a thrusting force to keep close to their target customers with their marketing messages.

2016 to 2017 Presidency Changed Everything, Negative Messages

As the presidency campaign of 2016 – 2017 ushered in Donald Trump, a lot of extremism has sprung out-of-no-where from the result of marketing messages used by Trump. An array of messages which helped him reach a huge demographic of people whom were vastly affected by “politics as usual class” and left without jobs or patriotism. Known as the the right or conservative class, they voted for Trump to that he would ensure their survival, rebuild their high standard of living, and much more. The conservatives felt hijacked by the democratic class and really class of politicians; people the voted and trusted to protect them. Trump tapped into a highly motivating message, “Make America Great Again” and “We’re Gonna Make America Great Again! Little did Google or YouTube realize how this could come to hurt their image with their customers………

Trump’s Victory and Presidential Campaign Has Caused Extremism, Big Advertisers Suffer

Trump said many things during the many speeches and his campaign tour that captivating people, which tapped into many mixed emotional messages. Some of it spawned hate, violence, in some cases racism against people and religion. In those highly driven and emotional messages about an array of things considered to be plaguing America’s future, the left and the right has officially started to show itself. You have people on both sides that are consumers of major brands and advertisers on in brick-and-mortar stores and on the Internet.

trump-speaches-riled-people-upWe’re Gonna Make America Great Again……Shaking Things Up

The market segmentation and demographics in the world of massive advertising of consumer products like coffee, clothing retailers, and distributors are caught in the crossfire of supporting Trump and his family in particular entrepreneur Ivanka Trump. Retailers like JcPennies, Sears, Burlington, Macys, and Nordstrom pulled many of Donald Trump’s and Ivanka Trump’s clothing line items because they feared loosing the power as a trusted and responsible brand for people that are labeled as liberals and way left of the democratic mindset and conventional politics.

 The Marketing Mix Up, Mass Advertisers Ads Showing Next To Hate Messages

In all of the things that were said by Trump to rally up controversy like banning all Muslims, building a wall to keep illegal Mexican immigrants from just jumping over a small wire fence in order to keep the country from bleeding dry financially due to capital flight, due to social program abuses, and the overall taking advantage of our middle-class. However you might see it, the messages pissed of many of the customers of major corporations and retailers. Be that as it may, the issue had to do with that the messages from Trump pissed off a huge class of customer bases, in particular on the left side of the democratic party or also known as the “liberal” side.

Into Why Major Brands Are Pulling Down Anything That Can Affect Their Market Message

You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with big box retailers and advertising giants like StarBucks, Target, Macys, Nordstrom, and many others. They don’t want to be affiliated with such marketing messages. Lots of people completely undervalue or just really don’t understand REAL MARKETING and that it’s very expensive to build a brand and you have to protect that investment, that name, that customer loyalty. Although one tree can make few thousand matches, it only takes one match to burn a million trees.  So what’s the take-away here? Simple, marketing messages are expensive to forge, develop and distribute. Ok, so essentially you have to learn as a marketer that your brand message is really expensive to develop and also maintain, so learn from these retailers that fell alseep when Trump was pacing way into The 2017 Presidential Election. It’s hard to say most did not pay attention, but then after he won, a lot of organizations and people lost their minds. Which leads to saying, “they were asleep”. Do you remember in Economics 101, about social economical forces that can alter or hurt a business…………..where here you go! Learn from this, always make sure your organization or business is paying attention to the social impact on your customer base, that user experience is everything.

Google Dropped The Ball, Forgetting To Be a Responsible Stake Holder

Google essentially should have thought this through, but it’s business as usual out here and most big corporations tend to get lost in translation; they are too busy running the business, trying to stay innovative and sorta forget about the core marketing principles. Not to say there is not some marketing or PR person trying to fight for that story or to make sure the company is staying on the right track with being a responsible stake-holder in the community, because I’m sure that voice is there. However, collectively they failed! Now Starbucks is under-fire and Macys for being seen as connected to such hate and they’ve seen a slow down in sales on many items.

Google Has a Bigger Problem Tho, This Blunder Could Prove to Be a Painful One, Big Retailers Will React, Google Can’t Hold All The Power

So where does this story end? After reading about the rise of Donald Trump, the rise of the negative messages, corporate giants being half-asleep, and Google not being or taking a proactive role in being a responsible stake holder, is causing  Macy’s, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Burlington are now scrambling to try to figure out how to scale their businesses to position emotionally with the audiences. Which is crazy, because how else are big retailers, big advertisers supposed to do that with Google in the Information Age?

The problem that of the of Ad Networks in the last 20 years Google, Yahoo, and several other Ad Exchanges developed a really scalable way to enable big retailers increase their brand visibility and brand awareness campaigns with fine precision. In many ways it was very cheap, very efficient, very targeted. For years, many of these big brands cleaned up very well and were able to stay connected with their target audience. Even better many brands figured out how to segment their audiences and develop their marketing messages and all this scale was great esp with the rise of behavioral ad networks enabled business to get those marketing messages out there, however…………….

With the circus in the media, demonstrations, rise of violence among sub-culture groups, Google’s Display Network, was dropped ads or running ads before playing of some serious propaganda and hate videos. This was not good as the customer bases started to think that Macy’s was supporting the image of discrimination with carrying Trumps clothing line or Starbucks hiring Muslims because they wanted to take a stand against not discriminating only to have the right side (also customers at Starbucks) stop going to Starbucks due-to-the-fact that they seem  to be against Trumps agenda to protect American from dangerous terrorism operatives hiding as an immigrant only to come to American and start committing some of the atrocities you read in regards to ISIL or ISIS.

So What’s Our Take On This, We Believe This Can Set The Stage For New Demand In Target Marketing and Marketing Bubble

So we believe that this might signal a problem for Google being able to get the targeted messages for big advertisers to pivot on a dime. Essentially Google proved to big to be able to make the impact for advertisers like asap. Although they have teams of really intelligent people who know their craft really well, they still failed to do it FAST! In business there’s nothing better than being able to adapt on the fly and keep pace. That becomes more prevalent in Information Technology market and now really the rest of the world.

We at Fast Marketing Company, truly believes that these big boi advertisers are going to scramble to find more pivoting methods, solutions, and or strategies to reach their target audiences. Best of all with a more streamlined approach, more equity approach than pay-as-you-go. Especially with vendors like Google not being able to create a robust ability to change with their main customers.

It’s hard to see the future in business, it really is! However, one way to get the vision is through a collective effort of entrepreneur led niche organizations dedicated to one thing and paint the big picture. We truly believe is going to move into a more niche focused method and therefore direct ad placement paving way for an explosion of boutique marketing agencies and content creators. Technically you can argue that we are in that state now, but again a more equitable approach. So Google better watch-out with this type of failures, because these corporations have seriously smart MBAs that will figure out a strategy to move barriers that keep them from running their business models.