It’s Not What You Think, Marketing Is Scientific by definition, is, “The management process responsible for identifying and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”. Maybe this is not what you wanted to here. Instead you’re hoping it be about the craze of Social Media and the instant advertising bubble? Marketing today is very convoluted, more than the past 65 years. But yet, our journey to learn advertising has take us to vetting of information and shortcuts by learning from the best. People like Drayton Bird that is now one of the most successful marketers in the world and takes you back to the basics. In the journey and now still, we’re gain more and more insight into what marketing really is and the truth is, it’s a science. Marketing is like being a detective and like a detective they investigate. But if you’ve watch a few police shows or narco show like, The Wire, then you’ll know that a good detective can follow leads, but a great detective has informants. Without going to the source or sources, it’s hard to put the pieces of a crime together. The same thing can be said about marketing except you’re not investigating crimes. Essentially to guarantee that you’re not verbose with your marketing ideas, marketing budget, and marketing results, you have to become more scientific about your approach to marketing.