fast-marketing-company-jacksonville-floridaFast Marketing Company founded in the great River City known as Jacksonville, Florida! Chad Buie, founder of Fast Marketing and parent company Fast Marketing Company, was inspired some 24 years ago during the rise of the Internet Connectivity and Search Engines. As Chad puts it, “One day I was sitting in front of my dad’s computer and said staring at the white page and Google’s logo I said to myself, one day I will be making a living with this!” Chad did not know how, did not perceive a complete vision, but it had his attention many years from 1998 to 2002 era. The passion and innovation started when Chad was a boy. He used to dream about success, about a standard of life that was always pushing the apex. Those dreams started to really fade into view when Google went public and was featured in the local newspaper.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, IPO 2004

It was not soon after Chad dropped out of UCF and into the work force that Google had finally done it! They figured out a business model and went public. Chad was stunned, after all the criticisms from pundits and haters, they had done it! A smile hit Chad’s face, because he knew it would become a game changer and often Chad remember the words of Sergy Brin in particular. They were very confident that advertisers would follow them and they were determined to give the World Wide Web a better search experience. From that alone, Chad realized that passion, obsession, and was part of a formula that could build a BRAND, build a vision, build a strong product for people. So Chad, just a few years later started taking the small steps to learn the Web, learn HTML, learn foundations of websites and learn foundations of programming.

larry-page-and-sergey-brin-google-ipoBuilding Websites, Learning LAMP Stack, Learning Sales, Learning

In the early days of 2001, Chad and his best friend, toyed with the idea of building a search engine that would beat the yellow pages. During the years of 2000, 2001, 2002, cell phone technology was just behind. From just having a flip-phone and very little access to FAST & VALUE information was a big-time pain-point for Chad. Although at the time Chad did not have the skills to understand Information Systems, he had the DREAM, he had the confidence to SELL IT, he had the determination to BUILD IT! Little did he know he was on the path of becoming an entrepreneur and it would take some nine to fifteen years to start putting it all together. At first the dream was to build a search engine, however, Google going public in 2002 to 2004 era and creating a strong business model killed that project.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them……Proves Right Again

After Google went public and giving Chad great hope, Chad still wanted to develop FastJax.Com. However, he soon learned that it was a gargantuan task and Chad did not have the skill to build a database, use JavaScript to build a great info system that could rival something like Google and be truly scaleable. The truth was, Chad lacked the education in Computer Science, Marketing, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship to get something going. At one time, Chad, just wanted to create a local search engine for Jacksonville. He wanted to connect people to relevant, accurate information and get people on an web application that would blow the Yellow Pages away.


Moving On, First Job Working In Sales Driven From Search Engine Marketing

After about two years of struggling to find like minded individuals to help build FastJax, Jacksonville Florida Local Search Engine, Chad decided to pursue other avenues. Like many struggling entrepreneurs, cash flow becomes everything and like many successful entrepreneurs, Chad learned that he needs to go sell! However, it took many years before Chad would get a shot working for a small business that stunted growth from Google’s new business model, pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization; however, ADT would do for now!

About around the Fall of 2002, Chad got a shot and entry level sales position with ADT/Tyco in the outbound department. At the time, Chad, set appointments for ADT Sales Professionals to install alarms with very unique marketing promotions. Campaigns like Lending Tree, where people had just recently bought a home or moved into a per-existing home without an alarm system. It was here that Chad’s sales career started and where he stumbled upon a great relic on night walking home from work.

That Night, Everything Started To Change

One night after walking home from work (at this time a promotion to inbound resell) after a long day of taking inbound calls from people that moved into a home with an ADT alarm wanted it activated, Chad stumbled upon a book that was thrown out into the bushes. After picking it up, the book had dirt, sand all over it, had the appearance of some wet pages; the occurred to just throw it back (remember this was Fall 2003, no gui based cellphones or big data yet). However, something told me to keep it. It was a Friday night and Chad had no T.V., no cable, no car, nothing but an empty apartment and an Xbox. So after getting home, he decided to clean the book up and check the title. “Business @ The Speed of Through”! Wow, god damn right?! What a statement! But then, by Bill Gates. WOAaaah! So you know what happens next, Chad read the book front to cover in one night.

Saturday…..FastJax Idea Was Respawned

So it was back on! One of the things your going to learn from Chad, his struggle was being able to derive confidence and vision to push forward in wild ideas, visions, and concepts¬† of value. Building businesses should always be about VALUE first. If you really care and are driven to do something, then you’ll be inspired to look for that value, forge that value, keep spinning the wheels until you create it! However, words, case studies, from very successful people is like fuel for a fire. The words from Bill Gates was very encouraging and gave Chad the vision to start figuring out the different avenues he could build and get a piece of the market.