First Look Entrepreneurs

entrepreneursIf you’ve made it to Fast Marketing and you’re aspiring to be an entrepreneur, aspiring to become a better entrepreneur, aspiring to be better in business, then you’ve landed on the right hub; the right network. What you can expect to find here is life changing information that will help either jump-start, reinvent, rediscover what it takes to be successful in the realm of being a business owner. It’s not just enough to own a business or to own your own job! Being an entrepreneur takes an immense amount of drive, effort, hustle, flexibility, and know-how.

Entrepreneurship Path Requires Knowledge

With entrepreneurship being so difficult to master or spawn correctly, our founder, Chad Buie, felt that this is an invaluable part of our website; Chad felt, people need to know what to do! He’s spent over 15 years of his life trying to crack-the-code on his own visions to building businesses, how to unlock the keys to success, and in that journey he realized he was doing wrong. Instead he started unlocking real POWER after taking advice from Tai Lopez, whom says, “If you want to reinvent yourself, follow really successful people and learn from them!”.

Transforming Into an Entrepreneur

During Chad’s transformation, he became a learning machine! You’ll soon discover why, you need to become a trailblazer as soon as possible. Most people want to be an entrepreneur but have not seen or read the overview of what’s required and or have the genes or nature to make it happen. Nevertheless, you must  Through many of his youthful years in 2001 to 2002, many days before YouTube and highly scalable information hubs; Chad lacked the confidence and notion to read. Even though going through high-school and through to college, reading was just not as important. Chad used his imagination and although this is a huge part to the road of building value and thus success, had realized that he need to polish up. As a result of that reading, Fast Marketing Team and Chad, are building this section of our website portal to help other fellow entrepreneurs whom have taken the path, taken the challenge, taken the road of becoming an entrepreneur; we hope you find if life-changing!

Fast Entrepreneur Lessons, Advice, Motivation

504, 2017

What Is Marketing? How Do You Define It?

It's Not What You Think, Marketing Is Scientific Marketing by definition, is, "The management process responsible for identifying and satisfying customer requirements profitably.". Maybe this is not what you wanted to here. Instead you're hoping it be about the craze of Social Media and the instant advertising bubble? Marketing today is very convoluted, more than the past 65 years. But yet, our journey [...]

3003, 2017

YouTube Losing Ground With Big Time Advertisers?

Google Failing To Protect Advertisers In the new just a few days ago, March 24, 2017, big advertising news is hitting the Internet Giant Google in a big, big way! Big retailers and Big advertisers are now scrambling to figure out how to align their marketing messages with their target audience as safely and socially responsible as possible. In this article, we're going to [...]

2603, 2017

Innovation From Deep Within The River City

Fast Marketing Company founded in the great River City known as Jacksonville, Florida! Chad Buie, founder of Fast Marketing and parent company Fast Marketing Company, was inspired some 24 years ago during the rise of the Internet Connectivity and Search Engines. As Chad puts it, "One day I was sitting in front of my dad's computer and said staring at the white page [...]

2303, 2017

Entrepreneurs: Learn To Promote, Learn To Sell

Entrepreneur Art of Promotion So much of what stops many entrepreneurs from succeeding in most of their ventures, businesses, and or BIG Ideas, is the lack of confidence. Now you might be thinking, how does that apply to promotion? Discover Power of Entrepreneur Confidence Confidence derives from knowledge and from an entrepreneur's vantage point; "real learning, real knowledge". There's something special about knowledge that [...]